Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Pirate Shipwreck

This enormous Pirate Shipwreck cake was a labor of love, but it turned out better than perfect! The chocolate cake was carved into shape, frosted with chocolate buttercream, and detailed with many different mediums.
 The broken sail masts were sculpted from modeling chocolate, were hand-ringed, and painted with luster dust. The port holes were made from fondant and the railings and posts were made from tootsie rolls.
The frosting was planked entirely by hand to give the frosting a fondant look with a buttercream taste.
The boulders were made of marbled fondant. Each shell was sculpted by hand from fondant and the pirate flag was also made from fondant.
The treasure chest was made of solid chocolate and was adorned with gold and silver non-pariel dragees, as well as gold and silver fondant coins. The gold and silver vases were made from fondant and painted with luster dust.

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